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Express Evictions is Attorney owned and operated and California’s premier Eviction Law Firm for over 31 years. We providing professional, fast and thorough evictions for residential, commercial, mobile homes and post foreclosures for the entire State of California. We are a Landlords number one eviction attorney resource when it comes to evicting bad tenants and filing Unlawful Detainer and Real Estate legal matters.

We have prosecuted tens of thousands of eviction cases within the State. Our attorneys and staff members are familiar with working with all 58 counties within the state. We will make the Eviction Process Fast and Easy for you. If you want to evict a bad tenant legally and fast, you have found the best.

Our team is FAST!! The average uncontested eviction handled by our experienced attorneys and team results in a vacant property 29 days after the service of summons. We deliver on this promise every day to clients throughout California.

We believe it is important for their clients to understand the eviction process. From serving a notice to quit thru the Sheriff’s Lockout, we help to educate you. Take a look at our eviction flowchart to better understand the California eviction process. It is important to consult a professional law firm that specializes in Landlord/Tenant Unlawful Detainer Eviction Law. Before implementing any eviction strategies, contact Express Evictions, we are here to help.

Striving to maintain a smooth eviction process, Express Evictions keeps the entire process neat and clean to avoid errors leading to the dismissal of your lawsuit. At any time, you may inquire about the status of your case so you stay informed and confident the entire time.

For professional assistance with an eviction, contact us today.

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