Self Representation During an Eviction Case in California

In some areas of California law, a high percentage of lawsuits involve parties trying to represent themselves because of the high cost of legal fees. Eviction lawsuits are one example where this commonly occurs. If a tenant is not paying rent, that person most likely cannot afford an attorney but will often fight an eviction lawsuit with the help of forms available from the local legal aid office. Likewise, some landlords cannot afford to hire attorneys to collect what is sometimes a relatively small amount of rent owed. Some landlords will try to handle the eviction themselves.

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Eviction lawsuits are handled quickly

Eviction lawsuits are handled much more quickly than most civil lawsuits. To protect the due process rights of the tenants, eviction lawsuits (also called “unlawful detainer” actions) are subject to very strict and technical procedural rules that are difficult to follow without the assistance of legal counsel.

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