California Tenant Notice to Vacate

To end a periodic rental agreement (for example, a month-to-month agreement), a California Tenant must give your landlord a proper written tenant notice to vacate.

You must give the landlord the same amount of notice as there are days between rent payments. This means that if you pay rent monthly, you must give the landlord written notice at least 30 days before you move. If you pay rent every week, you must give the landlord written notice at least seven days before you move.

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To Avoid Disagreements After Providing Written Notice of Moving Out to Landlord

Date the notice of moving out, state the date that you intend to move, and make a copy of the notice for yourself. It’s best to deliver the notice to the landlord or property manager in person, or mail it by certified mail with return receipt requested.

You Must Pay Rent During the Period Covered by the Notice of Moving Out

You can give the landlord written notice of moving out any time during the rental period, but you must pay full rent during the period covered by the notice. For example, say you have a month-to-month rental agreement, and pay rent on the first day of each month. You could give notice any time during the month (for example, on the tenth). Then, you could leave 30 days later (on the tenth of the following month, or earlier if you chose to). But you would have to pay rent for the first 10 days of the next month whether you stay for those 10 days or move earlier.

Addressing a Tenant Notice to Vacate

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