24-Hour Notice to Enter Dwelling

What is a 24 Hours Notice to Enter Dwelling used for?

California Civil Code §1954 governs when a landlord can legally enter the rental dwelling unit in California. 24 hours notice to enter the dwelling is required by law unless it is an emergency.
This notice is given to the tenant to notify them that the owner or authorized agent needs to enter the premises within 24 hours. The notice may be given if the owner wishes to inspect the property, needs to do necessary or agreed upon repairs, or show the dwelling unit to prospective purchasers. The owner should state the reason for entrance on the notice. The entrance of the premises should be done during normal business hours. The notice should be served on the tenant, the first attempt personal and substitute service, or post the notice if necessary, and 24 hours after the notice has been served, the owner or agent can enter the dwelling, pursuant to Civil Code §1954. If the tenant does not allow entrance to the premises, the owner may have to get local law enforcement to help enforce the notice. Some law enforcement agencies may not enforce the notice, but the more information you have to educate the local law enforcement about the notice, such as a copy of Civil Code §1954 to provide them with, as well as a copy of the notice and proof that you served the tenant, will help in your efforts to gain entry into the dwelling unit.

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