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Are you a landlord wishing to hand an eviction notice to a tenant? Do you not know where to turn to obtain one of these forms, or do you simply not know your rights as a landlord in the matter? If you are a landlord of a property in California, you should know that you are able to obtain a free eviction notice form right here on our website, which can be used to evict a tenant.

You can download, print & serve the form yourself or you may hire one of our registered process servers to serve the notice for you! Simply search our website for free eviction notice forms and fill it out.

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The State of California recognizes that all landlords within the state should have a certain level of authority within their situation and should be able to evict tenants for breaking portions or all of the tenant/landlord agreements and/or rental contracts signed by both parties. Therefore, the state has permitted various web sites, both public and private, to post Free California Eviction Forms, which allow landlords to download and print out eviction forms for at no cost and for use within the various municipalities of California. If you are a landlord, know your rights and take advantage of this opportunity today.

Download California Eviction Forms & Notices below in either PDF or WORD format by clicking the respective link. To view PDF documents you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader software installed on your computer. If Acrobat is not installed on your computer you may obtain a free copy by clicking here:

Download & Print California Eviction Notices

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More Information on Free Downloadable California Eviction Forms

Are you a landlord but aren’t sure which free eviction forms you need to evict a tenant in California? Visit our California Eviction Notices section for full details on the types of eviction notices available for landlords in California.

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