Eviction Education

Before you evict a tenant, it’s important to get all the facts for your case against them. This section features California Eviction Information for Landlords and tenants to help each of them to prepare for the eviction process.

California Eviction Information on How to Evict a Tenant

Are you a landlord or property manager who needs to know how to evict a tenant from one of your properties? This section of our website provides detailed California Eviction Information on what you need to do to get the eviction process underway.

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California Eviction Information on When a Landlord Can Terminate a Lease

Not sure when a landlord can terminate a lease in California? By providing a notice of 30, 60, or 90 days, a landlord in the state of California can terminate a tenancy. We provide full California Eviction Information and details on when a landlord can teminate the lease.

Eviction Information in California on the Entire Eviction Process

The process of evicting a tenant in California is a relatively quick one, but in order to execute the eviction within the standards of the law, you must first start with a proper notice of eviction. To get full information on the procedures and court proceedings, please visit our California eviction process page.

California Eviction Information for Tenants

Are you a tenant in California who has been served an eviction notice or has been issued a notice of unlawful detainer? This section of our website discusses information for tenants.


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