California Eviction Letters

Posted on the front door or handed directly to a tenant or other resident of a property, the eviction notice or letter is the official notice given to a tenant, letting him or her know that a landlord has the intention of evicting a tenant from his/her property. In the State of California, the eviction letter is the first step toward getting a tenant evicted from a property, if he or she has failed to live up to an agreement initially proposed in the rental contract of a property. For many, the sight of an eviction letter can be painful and full of anxiety; however, it is important to remember that an eviction letter comes in many different forms and may simply be a strict warning for you to pay rent or complete some other task in order to keep your rental.

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California Eviction Letters Are Frightening?

Why have eviction letters been seen as so dreadful? In many movies and maybe even in real life, eviction letters are portrayed as notices for tenants to remove themselves from a property immediately. Eviction letters in California are also like this though, as they simply tell a tenant that they fail to meet some part of the rental agreement, they could be in serious violation of the rental agreement. Landlords and tenants must go through the legal process otherwise. This means that you will need to vacate the premises and will be granted at least several days to so before an Unlawful Detainer is filed against them resulting in an eviction on there credit record for the next 7 years.

California Eviciton Letters: Know Your Rights

When it comes to eviction letters in California, know your rights as a tenant and also your rights as a landlord! Eviction letters are a serious matter and should not be dismissed as “annoyances” by landlords. Likewise, landlords should only use eviction letters in serious matters or in reference to the rental agreement. If people learn more about the different forms of rental contracts, they will be less likely to fret over the arrival of one of a front door or in the mailbox.


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