The Foremost rights of landlord in California

California is, for the most part, a tenant friendly state.  The majority of the laws regarding rental tenancies are provided to protect a tenant from a landlord, not vice versa.  There are state wide laws and codes specifically laying out the responsibility of a landlord and the rights of a tenant.  There are also local rent control ordinances in a number of cities that only further entrap the landlord into what essentially amount to life-long tenancies.  The legislature of this great state is so supremely entangled in protecting the rights of tenants that it seems to have forgotten the rights of landlord.

There are a number of eviction defense law firms specifically aimed at swindling the landlord out of time, money and their property.  They are in the business of trampling the California Landlord’s Rights.  These defense firms will outright lie on their responsive pleadings alleging defenses that do not exist, propound unnecessary discovery and demand jury trials, all so that they can legally blackmail the landlord into paying the tenant to vacate a property that does not belong to them simply to avoid the costly and unnecessary burden that is an Unlawful Detainer Jury Trial.

Rights of landlord

So who is there to protect the rights and interests of a California Landlord?  The laws and codes are so convoluted in double talk that it makes it especially hard to, as a layman landlord, accurately find and protect your rights.  It is in this aspect that an eviction specializing law firm can be supremely helpful.  These firms usually practice only evictions, or evictions and other real estate law.  They have read these unreadable codes so often that they can almost recite them by memory.  They know every loophole, caveat and hidden meaning.

You could certainly ask your Estate Attorney to assist you in evicting a tenant and protecting your rights as a landlord, but would you go to your dermatologist for a brain tumor?  No, you would pull out the big guns, so why would you do any different when protecting your property, your constitutional right?  You need someone who intimately knows your rights as a landlord in California.  Someone who has protected, guided and enlightened countless landlord before you and will continue protecting California Landlords and their rights long after you are rid of your problem tenant.  These are your rights, whether you know them or not, and you must have someone to inform you or them and protect them.

If you need someone to enlighten you as to your rights, or if you are especially in need of a defender of your rights, contact us today.

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